Manubrium, poetry chapbook from Anstruther Press, available now.


Upcoming: The Junta of Happenstance, from Anstruther Books in Spring 2021.

The Junta of Happenstance draws from, and attempts to remake, experiences with urban ennui, mental illness, family dysfunction, and postcolonialism with inquiry, mythography, confrontation, struggle, and the author’s perspective as a serial immigrant. Its speculative and confessional poetry styles, and probing questioning, bear witness to the experiences of those who seek meaning in an incongruous world. With descriptive and observational skills honed in the author’s time as a physician, and through lived experiences in Nigeria, the United States, and Canada, The Junta strives to illustrate, and diagnose, the dis-ease that shadows this version of the world, inviting the reader to join its contention for a cure, or salve by interrogating the conflicts driving it. It illuminates, amongst other things, the random nature of the luck that (im)migrants must depend on, and the rich interiority of their lives.