Where to get The Junta of Happenstance

  1. At your local library!
    The library is always a great place to request books. Many libraries have online portals where members can request that certain books (or ebooks) be ordered. Providing the book’s ISBN # may make the book easier for librarians to find and order. The ISBN13 of The Junta of Happenstance is 9781989287729. Most libraries also retain in-person options for making these requests.
  2. Directly from the publisher
    All titles purchased directly from the Palimpsest Press come with a 20% discount. The book’s page on the PP site is here.
  3. Conglomerate or large retailers
  4. eBook stores
  5. Indie bookstores: Canada
  6. Indie bookstores: US
  7. In Taiwan
  8. In Korea
  9. In Australia
  10. In the Netherlands
  11. In the UK, Spain, and France
    • Amazon (included because this seems to be the only option I have found so far in these countries. As much as it is within your power, please buy from, and support, local independent bookstores)
  12. Add on Goodreads
    • The book’s Goodreads page is here. Adding The Junta of Happenstance to your “Want to Read” shelf on Goodreads helps you get an alert if there is a giveaway involving the book. Don’t forget to leave a review and rating, especially if you enjoyed it!
The Junta of Happenstance